My underwear is falling off…

by Mike Vifquain on March 12, 2013

It’s been a roughly a month and a half since I started spin class again and I’m loving it.

My ass hurt, my legs hurt, I was horribly out of shape. But it’s getting better. I’ve been going twice a week with good success. In this time I have missed only 2 classes due to schedule conflicts, but I find that I feel so much better on the days I go.

I’m considering going Saturday mornings, and would love to figure out a way to go the other days of the week.

Now for the bad part: I haven’t lost any weight.

The good part: My underwear is falling off. Seriously. The elastic waistband was stretched out, so when I slimmed up a bit they would fall down along with my pants.

Plumbers crack ahoy!

So, my first “new me purchase” was Underwear! The girls in spin class appreciate it, I am sure.

Or do they?

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