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Tip 2 Make sure the site offers RSS feeds Do they allow your article's content to be syndicated?RSS Syndication is a big thing right now, because it makes it very easy for another site to feature your article's title, body, and author. If a site doesn't offer RSS, you may not want to waste your time posting there, as you probably won't get as much traffic from them. Is syndication by category only, or can more parameters be submitted?Some sites allow the RSS feeds to be customized by category only. Others allow syndication by any combination of category, submission date, and author. This is very beneficial to you, The Complete Online Auction Consignment Kit How to Make Great Money Selling Other People's Stuff on. because 1 your article could remain on a syndicated "archives" page, where the site gets the specific date RSS feed, and 2 you can have all of your work syndicated sites can choose to be fed only your articles!Tip 3 Make sure the site is easy to use Can visitors to the site find articles quickly, or do they have to dig around?I'm sure you've been to sites that have horrible navigation. The same is true for some article submission sites. When you get there, make sure the articles are easy to find. If they're not, don't waste your time. Does the site have a category list and search function?Make sure the site has both, as some users will want to use the categories, others will search, and still others will do both. Tip 4 Make sure it's easy to submit your article Can you submit articles quickly and easily?Some require you to login, which is okay, because then you'll probably have an "author page" where you can add a bit more information about yourself, and people can find a list of all of your articles.

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Paak and Knxwledge as they cruise through balmy LA with the car roof down, checking out beautiful ladies and sunsets alike along the way. Andy and Robin tell It’s Nice That that the project began with both duos chatting and sharing ideas about the track’s themes, discussing retro 90s references, a chilled LA setting and, specifically, a BMW 2002. For centuries, artists have used images to convey ideas about specific identities. The visual language they have used has shaped and moulded how we perceive gender, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation. Artist Mequitta Ahuja hopes to shine light on the construction of identity in art through her large scale self portraits. “I am African American on my mother’s side and South Asian on my father’s side. I use my work to unify my mixed heritage. As I got older, concerns about my identity become less pressing and, instead, I find myself reflecting on self portraiture as being about the artist as a picture maker. In other words, I increasingly focus on the artist’s self portrait as a discourse of representation,” Mequitta tells It’s Nice That. Nicer Tuesdays always spans an eclectic mix of topics, but May’s edition was a veritable smorgasbord of creative inspiration. Taking to the podium at Oval Space, Offshore Studio’s Christoph Miler discussed the “missing voice” of the discourse surrounding the migrant crisis, before Kyle Platts explored character design and animation; then graphic designer Erica Dorn shared the intricate research undertaken for Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs; before Sam Conniff taught us about the Golden Age of Pirates.

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